Five tips for your kids to enjoy video games

Video games are not the opium of youth, provided they do not consume passively. The abuse of video games is dangerous for health. Wine abuse too, but barbaresco is not forbidden. In the video game, there are great wines and turnips, but the grand cru are an art form – in the sense that they raise the consciences – and craft – in the sense that they raise the skills – both of those who create them and those who use them.

Nevertheless, the introduction to the video game world is one of the twenty-first century literacy, with programming for example (whose acquisition, success factor on the job market across all trades, is highly correlated to the practice of video games). Doctors, pilots, leaders, astronauts or lawyers are playing more and more to train themselves. The less you can robotize a job, the more you have to learn it. In a forced learning, if your brain is a car and its fuel motivation, the car will consume its fuel at startup and all the way. When playing, the car will consume fuel only to stop: start and continue playing does not consume motivation.

Tip number 1:

Get involved in choosing your children’s video games in a constructive and non-invasive way. Just as there is “junk food”, there are more or less nutritious games for the mind. Civilization V, for example, is excellent. If your children is a thai gamer, let them explain why they have an interest in a title, instill a maximum of dialogue.

Tip number 2:

The second step is to play with your children. The first beneficial effect is to greatly facilitate the stopping of the game: when the “tribal leader” gets up and says “we stop”, it is much easier for the children to stop with him. A good way to get your kids off the hook is to get into the habit of playing with them over the last hour or half hour, so you can ritualize and soothe the end of the game. You need to take five minutes to “debrief” the game, sitting in front of the console, TV off, to comment on what you felt.

Tip number 3:

Diversify the diet in video games. The brain is like the digestive system, it blooms in a diversified stimulation and suffers in a unique stimulation, hence the difficulty of the school. For the game, impose some time of video games that are practiced upright or on board, fitness games for example. Placing these games at the end of the session is a great way to end gently for the brain, without suffering the break between game and homework for example. And if you can further diversify the food mix with building games, simulation, puzzles or serious games, it’s even better. But always keep the game that requires a physical expense for the end.

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